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Press, radio & TV

I get a lot of e-mails, requests or recognition for my replica. Sometimes even the press is interested in my little hobby or the car is used for filming or TV shows. Here I will give an overview about press, radio and TV reports about my replica of K.I.T.T.
2020-04-27 "Cup of Joe" with David Hasselhoff and Joe Jonas
On 27th April 2020 started "Cup of Joe" with Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, David Hasselhoff and my K.I.T.T. in Berlin at Quibi.

» 52 photos, 2 videos
2020-03-15 Project-K.I.T.T. e.V. bei "Abenteuer Leben" auf Kabel 1
On 15.03.2020 Kabel 1 will show at "Abenteuer Leben" a report about my buddy Tobi and his K.I.T.T.
The camera team also took part at our meeting at the Street Mag Show Hannover, where we had K.I.T.T.s present. The show hat 660,000 viewers (3.1% market share)

» 20 backstage photos, 52 screenshots, 2 videos
2019-09-25 Audible commercials for "Up against the Wall" (German Edition)
The audio book "Up Against The Wall" by David Hasselhoff will also be published in German by Audible on October 1, 2019, just in time for the 29th anniversary of the German Unification Day - spoken by TV icon William Cohn. My K.I.T.T. also has an appearance in a commercial for this.

» 63 images, 2 videos
2019-08-22 "Refueling" with radio station Antenne Thüringen
No real press report, but on 22nd August 2019 I could be heard at "Antenne Thüringen", because I requested "You Made The Summer Go Away" by David Hasselhoff and Blümchen. We also came to talk about K.I.T.T. and I got a 50 Euro fuel voucher on top :)

» Download MP3 (2.1 MB, German)
2019-08-18 within the German "Knight Rider" Blu-ray set
Soon "Knight Rider" will be released for the first time uncut in HD in German on Blu-Ray by Turbine Media Group!
I am proud that there will also be an report about me and my little hobby within the bonus material of the set, which was filmed today!

» 8 images from the shooting
14.07.2019 My K.I.T.T. with David Hasselhoff at ZDF Fernsehgarten
» 184 images, 1 video
01.-02.09.2018 Interview with Radio F.R.E.I. at Comicpark Erfurt 2018
On 2nd September 2018, Erfurt's "Radio F.R.E.I." did an interview with me at Comicparks 2018 at EGApark Erfurt.

» Download Interview (German, MP3 Audio 8.6 MB)
» 56 images, 1 video, 1 audio from Comicpark 2018
2018-04-20 Article in newspaper "Freies Wort"
On April 20th 2018, Thuringian newspaper published a one-sheet article about my hobby and David Hasselhoff regarding his upcoming concerts in Thuringia.

» Article in full size
2018-04-20 Article in newspaper "Freies Wort"
On April 20th 2018, Thuringian newspaper published a one-sheet article about my hobby and David Hasselhoff regarding his upcoming concerts in Thuringia.

» Article in full size
2018-04-20 Interview with "Landeswelle Thüringen"
On April 18th 2018, I met with Michael Schemat from Landeswelle Thüringen for a radio interview. It aired on April 20th 2018 at 06:11 AM and 08:10 AM.

» 8 Fotos
» Download Interview (MP3 Audio, 1.9 MB)
31.10.2017 "Kennste den?" (ZDFneo)
On 10th October 2017, I was candidate in the German TV quiz show "Kennste den?". The show aired on 31st October 2017 at 7:30 PM on German TV channel ZDFneo with 680,000 viewers.

» Backstage photos and screenshots
2017-05-24 Glücks-Revue 22/2017
On 6th April 2017 a reporter, who works for several German magazines, visited my K.I.T.T. and made an interview with me and many photos. The first article was published on 24th May 2017 in issue 22 of "Glücks-Revue".

» Image in full size
» Photos from the shooting
2016-12-02/04 K.I.T.T. with David Hasselhoff at GCC Dortmund 2016
From 2nd to 4th December 2016, K.I.T.T. and I attended the "German Comic Con" in Dortmund. Special Guest was David Hasselhoff, so many TV stations reported. The WDR showed K.I.T.T., RTL showed me at the photoshooting with David. Also VOX, Pro Sieben, Sat.1, ARD and ZDF reported...

» Press reports at German Comic Con
2015-10-28 K.I.T.T. and me at "Außenseiter - Spitzenreiter" (MDR)
On September 24th 2015, there was the shooting for "Außenseiter - Spitzenreiter" for German channel MDR... It's Germany's oldest entertainment show on TV, running since 1972. The show aired on 28th October 2015, 9:15 PM on MDR.

» Video and backstage photos
31.07.2015 My K.I.T.T. at "Duell der Jahrzehnte" (RTL)
On 15th and 16th July 2015, I was guest for the recording of a new German TV show called "Duell der Jahrzehnte" (duell of the decades) with German host Oliver Geissen. K.I.T.T. was part of the studio decoration for the whole show, which aired on 31st July 2015 20:15 CET on German channel RTL.

» Backstage photos and screenshots
2013-12-26 K.I.T.T. and me at "Auftrag Auto" (Sport1)
On September 11th 2013, there was the shooting for "Auftrag Auto" for German channel Sport1... with hosts Alex "The Checker" Wesselsky and Cyndie Allemann. The show first aired at Sport1 on 26th December 2013 at 10:15 PM CET.

» Photos, screenshots + videos
2013-12-03 Street Magazine 06/2013
On 13th July 2013, the Barndogs CC organized their 3rd US car meeting at the ice hall in Ilmenau. There is a double-side feature in Street Magazine 06/2013 including an image of my K.I.T.T.

» see image in full size
2013-10-15 MDR Jump
On 8th October 2013, I met with Rico Drochner from MDR Jump (radio channel for mid Germany). The interview first aired on 15th October 2013, 6.40 AM

» Listen to the interview (German, MP3 Audio 2.4 MB)
» Photos from the interview
2013-09-13 K.I.T.T. and me at German TV quiz show
On 1st July, I was candidate in a German TV Show called "Es kann nur E1NEN geben" (similar to "Odd One In"). Of course, K.I.T.T. was there as well. The show aired on 13th September 2013, 10:15 PM CET at RTL Television!

» Backstage photos and screenshots
2013-04-12 Report at "17:30 Sat.1 NRW"
The season opening meeting of Project-KITT e.V. members in Moers 2013 has been filmed by German TV Channel Sat.1 NRW. Here is their report:

» Watch video
2013-02-10 Sunday Gazette - Toy Fair 2013
In issue 106 of "Retro Classic Sunday Gazette" from 10th February 2013, there is a double-paged report about K.I.T.T. at the International Toy Fair 2013. There are some nice pics of Mattel's Hot Wheels Elite model and also a picture of my car.

» Read online or download PDF
January 2013 Hot Wheels Elite catalogue from Mattel
There is a full-page image of my K.I.T.T.'s voicebox in the 2013 catalogue of Mattel's Hot Wheels Elite models - next to the page presenting the 1:18 model of K.I.T.T.

» Photo of the catalogue
» K.I.T.T. at the International Toy Fair 2013
2012-07-30 Article about the "Street Mag Show" in "Neue Presse" Hannover
On 28th July 2012, I joined the "Street Mag Show" in Hannover. Newspaper "Neue Presse" mentioned my project in their article about the event and also showed a picture of my behind the dashboard.

» Show article
» Online version of the article with photo gallery
2012-07-24 Mentioned in "Funkamateur" issue 8/2012
Marginal note for a marginal note: My project is mentioned in issue 08/2012 of German magazine "Funkamateur" in an article about speaking kiddie cars ("There are fans, who convert their cars. The most perfect replica has been realized by Andreas Winkler from Erfurt").
Thank you for the flowers ;)

» Scan of the mention
2012-07-17 Hitradio OHR
For the 60th birthday of David Hasselhoff on July 17th 2012 the local radio station HITRADIO OHR recorded an interview with me, which was broadcasted during the morning show.

» Listen to the interview (German, MP3 Audio 3.1 MB)
2011-10-10 Spiegel-TV-Report "Helden der Hebebühne", DMAX
On May 18th and 19th 2010 there was a shooting for Spiegel-TV-Report "Helden der Hebebühne" for German TV station DMAX. 8 minutes in part 3 of the report showed my replica of K.I.T.T. - so they filmed the mounting of my switchpod. The show first aired on October 10th 2011, 8:15 PM on DMAX.

» Video + more information and backstage photos
2011-09-15 My K.I.T.T. at "Alarm für Cobra 11"
On 12th June 2011 there was a shooting for German action series "Alarm für Cobra 11" in Cologne. Originally David Hasselhoff was supposed to play a cameo for the new season opening, but he did not come. Still, my car could be seen with 8 interior shots for the new season's pilot "72 Stunden Angst" on September 15th 2011 on RTL Television.

» Photos, screenshots + video
2011-08-10 Press article in DeWeZet, August 2011
On 6th August, I was at the Street Nats in Hannover. Newspaper DeWeZet published an article about our meeting on 5th August:

» PDF version
» Online version short
» Online version long
2011-07-01 Antenne Thüringen - Ganß nah dran
On 28th June 2011, I met with Stefan Ganß from Antenne Thüringen. For his series "Ganß nah dran" he visits interesting projects in Thuringia. And now he finally met K.I.T.T.

» Listen to the interview (German, MP3 Audio 2 MB)
» Photos from the interview
24.06.2011 Article in Coupé
July edition of German magazine "Coupé" has a four-pages-report(!) about my hobby.

The magazine was available in stores from June 24th 2011

» Photo of the magazine
» PDF article (1,5 MB)
2011-06-03 Interview with Landeswelle Thüringen
Today aired an telephone interview with Thuringian radio station "Landeswelle Thüringen".

» Listen to the interview (German, MP3 Audio 1.6 MB)
2011-30-05 Press article in BILD Thuringia, May 2011
In BILD Thuringia from May 30th 2011, there was an article about my hobby.

» Pressebericht BILD Thüringen
» Photos from the shooting
2011-04-18 Presse report about PKF season opening April 2011
On April 16th 2011 we held our season opening for members of forums in Moers and Duisburg. The "Neue Ruhr Zeitung" reported in two regional newspapers about us. The NRZ in Moers told a little more about my replica project.

» Press report Neue Ruhr Zeitung
» Online version "Der Westen"
» Photo gallery "Der Westen"
2010-08-29 My K.I.T.T. with David Hasselhoff in German TV-Show
On August 29th 2010, David Hasselhoff was live guest in German TV Show "ZDF Fernsehgarten". K.I.T.T. was there, too - this time presented by my replica. David drove the car to the show stage himself, joined by host Andrea Kiewel on the passenger seat.

» More information, videos and photos from the show
2009-07-13 motor mobil, Deutsche Welle TV
On June 13th & 14th 2009, Deutsche Welle TV shot a report for their show "motor mobil" about my K.I.T.T. replica. The clip has been broadcasted on July 13th 2009.

» Watch videoclip
» More information and backstage photos
2009-05-10 Final paper, Alexander Bernt
Alexander Bernt, student of journalism from Hannover, made his own car magazine for his final paper. Two of the pages were dedicated to my K.I.T.T. replica.

» Download article (PDF - 1.6 MB, German)
2009-03-28 AMI-TV online - Exhibition "Moviestars"
At AMI 2009 in Leipzig, Claudia Bechstein reported from the "Moviestars" for featuring my replica of K.I.T.T.

» Watch clip with K.I.T.T.
2009-03-28 Krafthand-Verlag - Podcast interview
At AMI 2009 in Leipzig, Steffen Karpstein of Krafthand-Verlag did a podcast interview with me. The interview was available for download at the website of Krafthand Verlag for free.

» Listen to podcast interview (German)
» More info and photos of the interview
2009-03-28 N24 - Report at AMI 2009
At the beginning of AMI 2009 in Leipzig, Marc Dickgreber and his team from German Newschannel did a short report N24 about the special exhibition "Moviestars". They did a small interview with me featuring K.I.T.T. The report was broadcasted on 2009-03-28 at 3 PM at N24.

» Watch clip with K.I.T.T.
» More information and backstage photos
March/April 2009 Reports from AMI 2009 in Leipzig
When AMI 2009 in Leipzig was held, many websites reported about the exhibition "Moviestars", where my K.I.T.T. could also be found. They often showed pictures of the car or mentioned it in their reports.

» Overview about AMI 2009 reports

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