With David Hasselhoff & Joe Jonas in "Cup of Joe"

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Arrival and filming on Sunday, 9th February 2020
  • At the beginning of February 2020,I received a request for a filming in Berlin via my friend Robert from glanzneuling.de. The request was for "an American and a Brit" to take K.I.T.T. on a trip through Berlin to the East Side Gallery (a remaining piece of the Berlin Wall).
  • For contractual reasons they didn't want to tell me exactly who it was, but everything pointed to the fact that the American is a tall man with curly hair, with whom I probably had to deal with before... Hmmm... tricky ;)
  • After some messaging I agreed. Of course it was also important to me that the car is insured during production, if I am not driving myself. That wasn't that easy, because it was a British production company, but in the end it worked out without problems.
  • Furthermore I had to get a 5-day registration, because my K.I.T.T. is normally not registered in February (seasonal registration from April to October). But all this could be arranged, so that I finally drove to Berlin on 8th February in the evening. The filming itself should take place on Sunday, 9th February.
  • I was accompanied by Robert and his wife Antje, who also wanted to take the chance to meet David Hasselhoff (*cough*, well if the American is him *cough*). So we booked the same hotel and had dinner together on Saturday evening.
  • On Sunday morning I drove with K.I.T.T. to the car wash station near the first location. On my way there, also the Berlin Police took a photo of K.I.T.T. - Paparazzi everywhere 🙈
  • At the car wash station I met Robert and Antje who left a few minutes later because they still had to check out of the hotel (I had already done so the evening before).
  • Together we drove to the Hofbräuhaus Berlin, where the first shoot was to take place.

  • We were the first ones there, but shortly after that the first vans with the film equipment arrived. Then we were welcomed by the boss of the house, who himself was also very much looking forward to the celebrity visit. Unfortunately, we soon learned that David's flight was cancelled, so that he would not be coming to the filming today. But we should wait, because they were still looking for a solution.
  • The other celebrity was Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers (known from the "Camp Rock" movies and songs like "Sucker"). The show is a travel show in which Joe visits various cities for the new US streaming platform "Quibi", which will start in April, and presents them in about 7-10 minute clips. And in Berlin he should meet Lewis Capaldi (also a singer) and David Hasselhoff. Since at least Lewis was there, they shot his scenes first, since he also had a concert in Berlin at 3:00 PM and couldn't stay long.
  • Lewis and Joe slipped into Bavarian costumes, drank beer and ate Weißwürste before they went onto the dance floor to join the Hofbräu band and learn some traditional Bavarian dances.
  • Meanwhile, K.I.T.T. was parked behind the house, where passers-by repeatedly recognized the car and took pictures. Of course I wanted to get the two celebrities to take some pictures as well. Since Lewis had to leave, I didn't use my chance with Joe at first - although he waited in the catering area only 5 meters away from us during his break - but waited for Lewis at the exit door. But Antje and Robert took their opportunity for a photo with Joe.

  • Anyway, my strategy to wait at the back entrance worked out, because shortly after that Lewis showed up at K.I.T.T. and took some pictures himself. So he didn't mind to pose for me and with me next to the car before he had to go on, because he had a concert date today.
  • If you (like me) don't know the name Lewis Capaldi, you might (like me) probably know his songs "Someone you loved" or "Before you go"

  • In the meantime, the team had received the news that David Hasselhoff would land in Berlin in the late afternoon, so they decided to film with him the next day. So I took a day off (fortunately my employer is quite flexible) and extended my stay in Berlin. Robert also stayed, but Antje unfortunately had to go home again because she had to work on Monday.
  • The filming continued at the RAW site in Revaler Straße. There you can find the "Teledisko" - the smallest discotheque in the world... in a converted telephone booth.
  • Here I got a selfie with Joe Jonas for my collection before he said goodbye for today
  • Afterwards, a large Steadycam was mounted on the loading area of a transporter, so that they could at least film a few outdoor shots and driving scenes with K.I.T.T. in Berlin. For this purpose, cameras were placed on various street corners, which we drove past.
  • After that we went back to the Hofbräuhaus to attach the GoPro cameras to the windscreen for tomorrow's filming.
  • K.I.T.T. then spent the night well protected in an underground garage, because a forceful storm had been announced. David Hasselhoff had landed in Berlin in the meantime. So at least, he should be there tomorrow :)
Filming on Monday, 10th February 2020
  • On Monday morning we drove back to the Hofbräuhaus, where the GoPros were readjusted and also various headlights and microphones were placed in the car.
  • Afterwards we drove to the hotel where Joe and David were staying to start the trip with K.I.T.T. from there. Also several fans had noticed this and waited for them in front of the exit.
  • David also welcomed me and I briefly explained some of the details of the vehicle to him. He had no problems with the gearshift (I have a manual transmission and no automatic) and so we were ready to go.

  • And so we went through the streets of Berlin to the East Side Gallery, where there remained still a few hundred meters of the Berlin Wall.
  • David just needed to follow the van with the camera, which recorded the driving scenes once again. Because it was raining all the time today, the streets were wet and our shots from Saturday didn't fit in anymore.
  • At the East Side Gallery they got out of the car and David explained some things to Joe about the Berlin Wall and its history.
  • We shot here for about half an hour. Then they got back into K.I.T.T. and drove on to Checkpoint Charlie and finally to the Brandenburg Gate.

  • At the Brandenburg Gate it rained heavily again and also the storm showed its wild side. But the time schedule was tight, so the filming continued even in this weather. The show must go on ;)
  • But because of the bad weather there were no tourists to be seen. I used the opportunity to take a picture of Joe and David in K.I.T.T. Furthermore I got a selfie with David, because I assumed there wouldn't be a real photoshoot in this weather.

  • The last location was the church of Zion. Here they wanted to film a scene of David picking up Joe with K.I.T.T. for his sightseeing tour in Berlin. So David drove up with K.I.T.T. and Joe jumped into the car before both of them roared off with the car.
  • Afterwards they brought K.I.T.T. back again and took some pictures with him. And of course the obligatory crew-photo was taken together with the car. For this I took out K.I.T.T.'s roofs, so that everybody could get closer to the car. It's always impressing to see how many people are involved in such a filming.

  • And so the filming ended for us. David and Joe went to the Hasselhoff-Museum, where they only planned to film some interior shots. So we could start our journey back home again.
  • By the way, during the filming David Hasselhoff drove my K.I.T.T. pretty much exactly 11 km through the centre of Berlin (Hofbräuhaus - East Side Gallery - Checkpoint Charlie - Brandenburg Gate) and sat in the car for a total of about 1.5 hours.
  • Many thanks again to Robert from glanzneuling.de for mediating and of course to the production company. It was a lot of fun :)
  • By the way: David Hasselhoff and Joe Jonas also shared their experiences with K.I.T.T. on Instagram and Facebook :)
Screenshots with my K.I.T.T. from the show
  • The complete episode (episode 2 of "Cup of Joe") was only available at Quibi. Quibi was discontinued in December 2020.
  • Since May 2021, "Cup of Joe" is part of The Roku Channel and can be streamed there together with other shows from Quibi.

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