As beautiful as this hobby is, one should not forget that it is also associated with many setbacks and high costs! Unfortunately, this is often neglected and people ofte report only about progress and successes.

When I started with my project, I assumed total costs of about 10-12,000 Euros. I looked at the parts list and started to add up the known parts (front, dash, electronics, scanner, paintjob, etc.). Now, that I'm done, I know that this was nonsense. These things can be calculated, but in the end all the small stuff that nobody thinks about before makes up the main costs. In addition there are mispurchases and sometimes something gets broken. The vehicles are old. And even the things you've installed yourself, sometimes simply won't work any more. In the end it's all "just tinkered". In fact, this hobby has already cost me almost 35,000 euros, if I include all incidental costs, it is already more than 50,000 euros! Of it nearly 10,000 euro only for repairs at the vehicle.


  • Hollow Gullwing + speech software without function, 205 Euros (after a long time back and forth due to poor quality finally returned, there were still unnecessary costs and many stressed nerves)
  • Car-PC, approx. 500 Euros (initially a great idea with navigation and speech recognition, in the end only used occasionally to play MP3s and run a video. Also needs too much power and the components chosen at that time are already clearly outdated. Has now been replaced by small media players.)
  • Navigation software + GPS mouse, 135 Euros (in the end never used, now obsolete)
  • Bluetooth-Headset, 55 Euros (in the end never used)
  • BMW Z4 belt guides, 30 Euros (seen in another project. Not installed until today, but maybe some day.)
  • Grant Steering Wheel, 145 Euros (didn't fit the Grant-Adapter and I found another one, I liked much better)
  • 2 different MP3 modules to be controlled via the switchpod - plus some electronic stuff, approx. 180 Euros. A third module worked as desired.
  • Various small electronic stuff that has not been installed until today due to lack of time and desire. But maybe some day.

Necessary repairs:

  • Total engine breakdown in May 2008. The car was in the workshop until December. Total costs approx. 5,000 Euros (except for the block almost all parts were exchanged). The season 2008 took place without K.I.T.T.... Positive: The engine should hardly cause any problems now.
  • Clutch defective + leaky gearbox seal + differential, 1,000 Euros
  • Broken starter, 240 Euros
  • exhaust system rusted, 230 Euros
  • 2x replace windscreen due to stone chips, 500 Euros each (one of them I didn't have to pay for it myself)
  • Catalytic converter, chassis, brake lines, 1,500 Euros
  • Water pump already broken two times, 70+185 Euros
  • Weld plate on sill, remove rust, 150 Euros
  • Restore hood, rust removal, zinc coating, repaint, 850 Euros
  • Shock absorber broken, 226 Euros
  • Sealing the underbody, 1800 Euros
  • Vehicle batteries always last for max. 3-4 years. I have already bought 4 batteries for K.I.T.T.. Costs approx. 120 Euro per piece.
Altogether there are already more than 10,000 Euros only for repairs...

Other "Setbacks":

  • Turbo Cast Rims arrived after 374 days. Later it turned out that one of them had a hairline crack and lost air, which made it necessary to buy 2 more rims. But finally +/- 0, because I could sell the damaged rims for almost the same price. Nevertheless I waited for one year for the rims.
  • Lights of the Lower Console do not work since approx. 2009. Maybe, I should start searching for the causes ;)
  • In April 2013 a small cable fire in the engine compartment caused a small fire! It is recommended to have a small powder extinguisher ready to hand in the car! The cause was a short circuit in a cable of the cold run controller, which was apparently nibbled on by a marten. The damp only affected the insulation of the cable and some adhesive tape, which was attached to it and ignited. Damage: approx. 10 Euros. I was lucky, but I don't need the horror again ;)
  • There are sometimes things that suddenly don't work anymore. The dash electrics had also failed sometimes, a lot of small stuff, which can be repaired fast as well.

So you can see... This hobby also has "downsides", which one should plan absolutely with...

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