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2020-05-29 - Hood and frontnose repainted
  • Unfortunately, K.I.T.T. also regularly suffers minor damages even during professional events and shootings. Most of them, I can repair by myself (e.g. if overzealous fans take the switchpod-LEDs for buttons and force them into the case). From time to time there are also smaller scratches.
  • During the shooting for "Cup of Joe" with David Hasselhoff in February 2020 in Berlin, unfortunately, during a break in shooting, an umbrella landed on the hood of K.I.T.T., which a crew member had hung on the open door of another vehicle and which the wind picked up there. The result were 3 deep scratches in the front and the hood of the car. Fortunately, you can't see them on the film material, so we could continue shooting...
  • Luckily, the damage was covered by the production company. Unfortunately the scratches were so deep that they could not be polished out easily. Instead, the front and hood had to be completely repainted.
  • The work was again done by my regular painter Carlack Nord from Erfurt, who already knows the car from various jobs in recent years.
2020-05-29 - Underbody and cavities sealed
  • Since the car was in the workshop anyway due to the painting of the front nose and hood (see above), I could finally start another project: The sealing of the underbody and the cavities. The work was also done by Carlack Nord.
  • Already 4 years ago the TÜV told me that this should be done sooner or later. Since then I have postponed it again and again for time reasons. But since the TÜV is due again this summer, I wanted to have it done by then. Since there was not much going on in spring 2020 due to Corona, it was a good idea to get it done right now.
  • During the work it turned out that there was also a lot of work in the wheel housings. At some spots even metal sheets had to be welded in again. But now the car is also "in good shape" underneath.
  • For the underbody "UBS 2" from Elaskon was used. The cavity sealing was done with "K 60 ML" from Elaskon.

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