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My progress

Exterior: 100%
Interior: 100%
Other stuff: 90%


19.59 MPG (US)
23.53 MPG (UK)


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The Donor Car

1988er Firebird Targa

The donor car, used for my K.I.T.T.-replica is a 1988 Pontiac Firebird Targa.

  • first registered in September 1988
  • V6 2,8 with 136 HP
  • manual gear shift with 5 gears
  • new tires Goodyear 215/65/15M+S on 15" standard Firebird-rims (black)
  • 2 stainless steel exhaust pipes
  • inside: red velours
  • central door locking
  • power windows
  • rear roller blind
  • Targa-roofs with bag
  • height-adjustable steering wheel
  • 130.084 miles
  • unleaded fuel
  • new alternator

At the moment of sale, the last owner already had made the following K.I.T.T.-conversions:
  • Knight Rider frontbumper 4th season (original frontbumper included)
  • original Knight Rider-mirrors (manually adjustable from inside the car)
  • Knight Rider rearspoiler
  • black taillights

But there still was a lot to do (ordered by priority):
  • connect front lights + signals
  • front licence plate adjustment
  • exchange black taillights
  • scannerlight
  • stereo system
  • remove rust and dents
  • new exhaust system
  • exchange some parts (cowl-induction-hood, rearbumper, fenders)
  • complete new paint-job
  • 3rd-season-dashboard
  • overhead and lower console
  • tan interieur with PMD-seats


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