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I'm a Knight-Rider-Fan for 50 years and my greatest wish is to sit in K.I.T.T.!

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This is a list of all exterior-components, that I needed to build K.I.T.T. out of a 1988 Pontiac Firebird:
Exterior Frontnose
I originally decided to get the 3rd-season-frontnose from Knight Passions, but the pre-owner of my car already installed a 4th-season-frontnose from Custom Projects. So I first kept that nose. In 2009, I finally decided to get the Knight-Passions-front for a perfect look.

» Photogallery about the frontnose
Exterior Scanner
I got the scannerbar from Lectric Enterprises, because it looks very similar to the original one from the series. I first got the 55 watts halogen bulb version, but changed to the new LED scanner later. Both have the famous all-lights-on-effect. Additionally they have a remote control, different scan-modes and the original scanner-sound from the show.

» Photogallery about the scannerbar
Exterior Taillights
The original K.I.T.T. used a black taillight cover ont top of the original taillights, made from black plexiglass. Unfortunately such a taillight cover is not street legal in Germany. So, I´m using black tinted original taillights, which have a fine look, too. I got them from eBay.

» Photogallery about the taillights
Exterior Spoiler
My Firebird used to have a different spoiler than K.I.T.T. - this part had already been changed by the pre-owner of my car.
Exterior Cowl Induction Hood
My Firebird had a hood without the famous hood scoop, so I needed an original 1982-84 cowl induction hood. But these are not easy to get here in Germany... With some luck, I found an offer of several Firebird-parts including the hard-to-find hood and got my hands on it. Of course, it needed some work and a new paint-job, but the price was incredibly low.

» Photogallery about the hood
Exterior Rearbumper
In addition to the cowl induction hood, I got the matching rearbumper from a 1984 Trans Am for my Firebird. The condition was quite bad and it also had a lot of holes from the former spoiler, but the price was OK, and after the new paint job, it looked like new.

» Photogallery about the rearbumper
Exterior Fenders with air extractors
Another detail can be found at the fenders. K.I.T.T. has air extractors, which can not be found on newer Firebirds. Because my fenders were in bad condition anyway, I decided to buy the correct fenders as aftermarket products. In addition I bought the fitting air extractors on eBay.

» Photogallery about the fenders with air extractors
Exterior Rims
A good replica also needs 15" Turbo Cast Rims with black bowlingball-hubcaps. I got both from eBay. They are quite rare and expensive, but give the original look to K.I.T.T.

» Photogallery about the Turbo Cast Rims and hubcaps
Exterior Rear side deflectors
Another little detail that can be found in front of the rear tires: the rear side deflectors. I got them from Wraith Innovations in the USA for an very good price and an incredible quality!

» Photogallery about the rear side deflectors
Exterior Headlights
Because of the new frontnose, the old headlights did not really fit anymore. So I got newer ones from a 1991 firebird. The "Pontiac"-logo on the left headlight has been erased during the paint-job.

» Photogallery about the headlights
Exterior "KNIGHT"-licensplate
Of course, every K.I.T.T.-replica needs the famous "KNIGHT"-licenseplate. I got it from eBay. It is made of stamped metal and even includes original reflecting "May 1982"-registration-stickers!

» Photogallery about the licenseplate

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