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"Knight Rider - 40th Anniversary Edition" on Blu-ray!
  • On 30th December 2022, "Knight Rider" will be released for the first time completely uncut in HD on German Blu-ray from Turbine Medien!
Excursus: What does uncut mean?
  • The limited to 3,939 copies "40th Anniversary Edition" contains in addition to "Knight Rider" also the successors "Knight Rider 2000", "Team Knight Rider" and "Knight Rider 2010"! The whole thing comes with many extras in an approx. 30.6 x 24.3 x 5.8 cm box!
  • There is also a lot of new bonus material including a approx. 13-minute report called " - A child's dream coming true" about my little hobby, which I am very proud of!
  • In addition, my K.I.T.T. can be seen on the official cover as well as the 4 digipacks of the original series! The cover motif is also included as a poster!
  • Plus: For the enclosed book (German), for which I also provided editorial support, I was allowed to write an article on the topic "Fan memories: Knight Rider"!

Contents of the limited "40th Anniversary Edition" Blu-ray box set:
  • 23 discs (20x Blu-ray "Knight Rider", 1x SD on Blu-ray "Team Knight Rider", 1x Blu-ray "Knight Rider 2000" (upgraded from SD) and "Knight Rider 2010" (SD), 1x Blu-ray bonus disc incl. 13-minute special " - A child's dream coming true")
  • Elmar A. Schulte's great book "Knight Guide" as a new version of "The Knight Rider Book" with many pictures and additional chapters - including "Fan Memories: Knight Rider" with a contribution by me! (see below for more information)
  • 4 posters (one of them with the cover motif with my K.I.T.T.!), 2 sheets printed on both sides, size A1 (ca. 84 x 59 cm)
  • 2 round stickers (Knight logo and Knight head)
  • 6 Photo cards (s/w)
  • 1 Premium artcard (Design by Michael Scheffe)
  • Michael Knight's Identity cards and vehicle documents (5 parts)
    • Driving license (pilot, laminated)
    • Vehicle documents (pilot)
    • Social security card (pilot)
    • Fake ID Card US Government (Season 4, episode 19, "Knight Flight To Freedom")
    • Fake press card from "Tombstone Variety" (Season 4, episode 16, "Redemption of a Champion")
Contents of the bonus disc (Blu-ray):
  • Interviews (HD):
    • Stu Philips (Sound​track/​Score) - 11:22
    • Rebecca Holden (Actress, April Curtis, Season 2) - 17:29
    • Steven de Souza (Producer & writer) - 31:35
    • Jack Gill (Stunt coordinator & K.I.T.T. driver) - 33:41
    • Deborah Davis (writer) - 17:04
    • Tom Greene (Producer & writer) - 49:34
    • KnightCon 2011 - Greetings by Tom Greene (Producer & writer) - 27:59
    • - A child's dream coming true (My K.I.T.T. replica) - 12:44
  • Universal Archive (SD, bonus features from the old DVDs):
    • Knight Rider: Below the hood - 15:52
    • Knight Sounds - 06:39
    • Knight Stunts - 06:09
    • Sketch gallery - 03:10
    • Photo gallery - 02:56
    • K.I.T.T. manual - 03:03
  • Easter Egg [where?] :
    • Knight Rider Bloopers & Gag Reel 1+2 - 19:10
Additional bonus material on the series discs:
  • Audio commentary on the pilot "Knight of the Phoenix" by David Hasselhoff and Glen A. Larson (Season 1, Disc 1)
  • The menus have been created in the K.I.T.T. cockpit design. The designs match the respective season and voicebox version. K.I.T.T.'s original German voice is heard the first time you open the menu and when you select individual items (this function depends on the compatibility of the player - unfortunately, there may be players that cannot play the audio files). on the official German "Knight Rider" Blu-ray
  • As a long-time fan of German TV show "Kalkofes Mattscheibe", of which I had actually recorded all episodes on video cassettes since the mid-1990s, I came across the DVD label Turbine Medien back in 2004, which gradually released all episodes on lovingly designed DVDs. In 2009, Turbine Medien finally released the cult series "Parker Lewis" on DVD and you could even get a free T-shirt (» image) if you bought all 3 seasons, which I also did. Turbine Medien therefore stood for me early on as a company that puts a lot of effort into their releases and that especially takes care of classics that were otherwise rather neglected.
  • Since I also run the largest German-language fansite for the "Back to the Future" trilogy with, I then received an email from Phil, the CEO of the label, for the first time in 2015, in which he drew my attention to the upcoming release of the associated animated series and asked whether I had any wishes or ideas for the bonus material of the DVDs, which I also passed on to our community. When the series was then released in the fall of 2015, I received the set from Turbine by mail as a thank you and was also allowed to raffle off 3 more copies in our ZIDZ.COMmunity. Half a year later, surprisingly, there was another box in my mailbox with a personal autograph from producer and screenwriter Bob Gale. So Turbine had the box signed again especially for me (» image). "From fans for fans" is not just an empty phrase here, but a living motto 🙂
  • In December 2016 I was with my K.I.T.T. and David Hasselhoff at the German Comic Con in Dortmund. In the queue for a photoshoot with David Hasselhoff was then also Phil from Turbine Medien, who told me that they are now also trying to get "Knight Rider". When a label like Turbine takes care of this series, it can only become something big. He also asked me directly if I would like to participate in the publication with photos or something similar, and of course I agreed.
  • In April 2019, I met Phil again at the German Comic Con - Spring Edition in Dortmund, where Turbine was represented with its own booth at the neighboring "Weekend of Hell" event. Here it already became more concrete. "Knight Rider" was now firmly planned and should probably be released before Christmas 2019.
  • In July 2019, I received the request whether I would like to be represented in the form of a short contribution in the bonus material of the set. Of course, I did not have to think long. What greater honor can you get as a fan of a series than to actually be represented in the bonus material of the official release on Blu-ray? TV appearances pass, but THIS is something for the ages. So of course I agreed and then on 18th August 2019, two editors came to Erfurt with camera equipment to shoot interview scenes with me:

  • In addition, I supplied extensive video and image material from my archive to accompany the article.
  • At the time, the planned release date was December 2019, but this quickly became impossible due to the volume of series material. In addition to the original series with 90 episodes in HD, the sequels "Knight Rider 2000" (Upgraded from SD), "Team Knight Rider" (SD) and the relatively unknown film "Knight Rider 2010" (SD) should also be released in the box. Plus a lot of bonus material and a thick fan book (new edition of the book by Elmar A. Schulte), posters, photos and various stickers.
  • For the book, I was then allowed to contribute another chapter for the new series "Fan Memories: Knight Rider", in which some fans of the series tell how they came to Knight Rider. So I was able to immortalize myself here as well (» see below).
  • The original series should of course also be completely uncut on this release, which is almost unique in HD with German audio, because the TV broadcasts on TNT Series, NITRO and on Amazon Prime are unfortunately partly massively cut. This resulted in major delays again and again, especially since later image errors also appeared in the footage provided by Universal Pictures.
  • On DVD, some of the scenes in seasons 1 and 2 were not available in German due to the longer US material. Here Turbine decided to do additional dubbing with suitable actors. For this, I suggested Holger Löwenberg for K.I.T.T. and Uwe Büschken for David Hasselhoff, who had already appeared on "Moped Rider" and proved that their voices fit quite well as replacements for the unfortunately now deceased original voice actors. For K.I.T.T., only one set was ultimately necessary, but at least with Büschken, quite a bit more was dubbed. Romanus Fuhrmann was added for Devon as well as some supporting roles. For the latter, Bernd Vollbrecht and Marko Bräutigam were also used. Turbine also had all four of them write a few autographs (» images) in the recording studio, one of which was sent to me afterwards.
    There were also some female voices used, including Bonnie in S01E21 ("Nobody Does It Better"). Here a female voice was used later, who was available in the studio at the time. The name is therefore not known.
    Overall, however, only a few sentences had to be dubbed again. In season 1 it concerned 7 scenes, in season 2 actually only 2. In season 3 it were 7 and in season 4 it were 6 scenes.
    Also due to the compilation of the previously missing scenes and the dubbing, the release was postponed further and further. Good things come to those who wait.
  • In total, even 80 speaker takes were necessary, as well as about 2,500 cuts (technical cuts, no time cuts!) to create the German audio tracks! Missing music and sounds were supplemented from the M&E track (Music & Effects). In addition, the complete original music is again included, which had been missing on DVD.
  • Due to the increased effort with the masters, we now also had more time to take care of the other details. Over the months, I kept up a lively exchange with the product manager at Turbine Medien and was able to answer numerous questions about backgrounds and details as well as provide deeper insights or simply suitable screenshots or images. In return, I received exclusive insights into the progress, was allowed to preview the menu and cover layouts as well as the replications of ID cards, driver's licenses, and stickers, and to make suggestions for improvement and also to incorporate my wishes again and again. In total, we have exchanged almost 1,500 e-mails in 3.5 years!
  • I also received the already finished discs in advance for viewing. So I could view the bonus disc already in April 2021, KR2000 and the first season discs 1-4 in August and October 2021 and make suggestions for improvement, as well as report a few minor and major errors (» example). In mid-December 2021 I received the complete 2nd season, as well as KR2008 and Team KR, at Christmas 2021 even the complete 4th season. Season 3 and the missing Disc 5 from Season 1 I received in mid-February 2022, so I had all discs complete. I also got a list of what exactly was changed, repaired or inserted when and where. I was also able to note a few small things.
  • Unfortunately, KR2008 could not be released at the end - as originally planned - due to legal reasons.
Excursus: The opening credits of season 3

  • A special honor was already granted to me in May 2020: For the cover of the box I could contribute a photo of my car, from which the cover artist Ronan-Wolf Chuat designed his artwork! Thus, on all Blu-ray boxes is actually my K.I.T.T. to see!

  • But not only that! My K.I.T.T. can also be seen on the 4 individual covers of the digipacks of the original series. Here the designer Sascha Meurer has done a great job and created in October 2020 from a simple side view of my car a great artwork. Well, the actual driver had to give way for Michael Knight... but I can live with it probably exceptionally 😉
  • The image with Michael Knight at the seat was spread over the covers of the 4 individual seasons. The blueprint artwork can be found inside the digipack of season 1.

  • For my assistance in creating the box, I am credited as "edition consultant" on the back of the back cover 😎 (» see image)
  • In November 2020, I received my bonus feature for preview once again. The editor of the feature had previously shown it to me in March 2020 as well. Since some time had passed since the shooting in August 2019, I suggested to add some more content to the feature and provided much more footage, which ended up in the final feature. Thus, the feature with now 12:44 minutes running time extended again by more than 4 minutes compared to the first cut version and now reflects very nicely what I was allowed to experience with my K.I.T.T. already everything.
  • And for all those who always complain that I speak too fast, there are even subtitles in German and even in English 😉
  • " - A child's dream coming true" - proud part of the official German "Knight Rider" Blu-ray! There can't come more than this now 😎
Knight Guide - The Knight Rider Book
  • Back in 2009, Elmar A. Schulte published the "Knight Rider Book", a German fan book with lots of background information on the series. At the time, about 1,300 copies were printed by BOD Publishing. After the contract expired, the book was out of print for years. At that time, the book did not contain any pictures for licensing reasons. Only on the back cover were a few pictures available, which Universal had released for this purpose.
  • Included with the "40th Anniversary Edition" of the Blu-ray box set is a 332-page new edition of this book titled "Knight Guide". Elmar has once again updated his texts in detail. There are also three new interviews by Christian Genzel, an interview with David Hasselhoff by Michael Scholten, a guest article about Glen A. Larson by Dominik Starck as well as a contribution by Michael Scheffe about the designs for "Knight Rider", a contribution by Oliver Kalkofe and a new chapter: "Knight Rider: Fan Memories". Here, besides Elmar, two other fans who were involved in the making of the box set answer a few questions about how they came to the series. One of them is me 😎 (see p. 324-327).

  • I myself was also supporting the book as editor (» see image) and contributed numerous photos, because this edition is printed in full color for the first time and a total of 248 pictures loosen up the texts. Exactly half of them (124 pictures) were provided by me. Among other things, I supplied the complete screenshots for the functions of K.I.T.T. (pp. 31-56) and the film locations (pp. 250-267). In addition, there were some scene pictures as gap fillers in the episode guide, but also a few actor pictures from "Knight Rider 2000" (pp. 139-140), pictures of the creation of K.I.T.T. (pp. 197-205), the tricks and goofs (pp. 225-235) as well as a picture of a meeting of the Knight 2000 with the Knight 3000 (p. 244), a current picture of David Hasselhoff with my K.I.T.T. from the ZDF Fernsehgarten 2019 (p. 293), all pictures for the chapter "KITT replicas" (p. 311-317) and of course the 6 pictures for my interview (p. 324-327). In addition, I was involved in many places as a content consultant and also completely "proofread" the entire book again before the final release in October 2021, making a total of about 400 comments (original typos + many suggestions for additional images).
  • By the way, the cover of the new edition is based on K.I.T.T.'s repair manual, which could be seen in the episode "Goliath" (Pilot Season 2), after Goliath had rammed K.I.T.T. and Michael had to help himself in the desert. This manual had a black leather cover with a golden frame and a chess piece. For the book, this design has now been taken up.
  • The book has 332 pages and is only available within the "40th Anniversary Edition" box set, which is limited to 3,939 copies.

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