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My progress

Exterior: 100%
Interior: 100%
Other stuff: 90%


19.70 MPG (US)
23.66 MPG (UK)


I'm a Knight-Rider-Fan for 50 years and my greatest wish is to sit in K.I.T.T.!

» find the answer within the official German "Knight Rider" Blu-ray set!

Click on a thumbnail to see the picture in full size: within the official German "Knight Rider" Blu-ray set!
  • Soon "Knight Rider" will be released for the first time uncut in HD in German on Blu-Ray by Turbine Media Group!
  • The box set contains all movies and series about "Knight Rider" (incl. "Knight Rider 2000", "Team Knight Rider" and "Knight Rider" 2008)
  • Also there is a lot of new bonus material including a report about my little hobby, of which I am very proud!
  • " - a child's dream comes true" from 2020 on the official "Knight Rider"-Blu-Ray!
  • More details coming soon...

Photos from the shooting
  • The shooting took place on 18th August 2019 in Erfurt
  • I first answered some interview questions behind the steering wheel of K.I.T.T.
  • Afterwards various driving scenes and details of the vehicle were filmed.
  • For the indoor shots we switched to a covered parking deck, because it was darker there, so that the lighting was more effective.


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