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Changes on my K.I.T.T.

This is my conversion diary...

2006-08-12/13 First changes on K.I.T.T.
This weekend we started with the first changes: the front lights have a new position and contain turning signals now. Additionally, K.I.T.T. got his new taillights and a new license plate adjustment!

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2006-08-19 Scanner adjusted
This weekend we finally adjusted the scannerbar into K.I.T.T.'s front. Additionally all front lights are functional now.

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2006-09-09 Scanner blackout
In Germany there must not be a red light in front of a car. So there are some problems with the scannerlight. It must not be able to be switched on, when the car is driving and it must not reflect light in red color. So we adjusted a black laquered lense in front of the scannerbar. Now it looks black, when the scannerlight is off.

» 3 images, 1 video
2006-10-12 K.I.T.T. repairs - and a look underneath
Today we took a look at the bottom side of the car. We changed the oil and one exhaust pipe had to be welded.

» 8 images
2006-10-21 Euro-2-standard, new licenseplate-adjustment, car stereo
Today we installed a kit to comply with the "Euro 2"-standard. Additionally we changed the adjustment of the licenseplate from the right to the left side and finally installed the car stereo.

» 8 images
2006-11-18 Fenders, Cowl Induction Hood, Headlights
Today we installed the new fenders with air extractors, the cowl induction hood and the new headlights to the car.

» 12 images
2006-12-16 Interior removal
Today we started to remove the red interior from the car. It will be replaced with the tan interior soon.

» 12 images
2006-12-23 New carpet layed and dashboard pre-installed
Today we layed the new carpet into the car. It fits perfectly, though its not an original product. Additionally, we pre-installed the dashboard, to see if it fits. But it will still need some work to fit perfect.

» 16 images
2007-01-12/13/15 Cables layed, outside speakers, backseats
Over the past days, we removed the new carpet to lay all necessary cables into the car. We also installed outside speakers for the voice output of the alarm system. Finally, we layed the new carpet again into the car and installed the backseats.

» 16 images
2007-02-17 Rear-carpet, central console, seats
Today, we layed the rear-carpet into the car and installed the central console and all 4 seats. The driver's seat is a power seat.

» 8 images
2007-02-25 Ready to ride again
Today, we made the car ready to ride again. All exterior parts have been mounted and adjusted again. Tomorrow, the car will be licensed for 5 days to get some paint job offers and to install the new exhaust system.

» 4 images
2007-02-28 New exhaust system / rearbumper refectors
Today, we mounted the new exhaust system. The exhaust pipes look much more authentic now than the old stainless steel pipes, which were much too eye-catching. Additionally we closed the holes in the new rearbumper with component glue and installed sporty reflectors to it. In Germany, cars with black taillights need additional reflectors.

» 12 images
2007-03-02 The car before the new paint job
Today, I brought my car to the paint shop. To show, that the cars often look great on pictures, but having a lot of bugs in reality, I'm presenting some detailled pictures now. All bugs will of course be removed before the car will be repainted. After the paint-job the car will be like new.

» 28 images
2007-03-23 Paint-job: First deconstructions
The paint shop already did some first deconstructions. They removed the rearbumper, the weatherstripping, the tailgate, the side mirrors and door locks.

» 4 images
2007-03-19/21/25/31 Overhead console, lower console, dashboard and header
Over the past days, we put the electronics into the lower and overhead console. Additionally, we started with some body work on the dashboard and stabilized the headliner with some fiberglass-mats.

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