First pictures of my car

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2006-08-06 - The Donor Car
  • The following pictures were taken on 6th August 2006 shortly after I bought my donor car
  • I had found the 1988 Pontiac Firebird Targa with 2.8 liter V6 engine via a sale ad within the "Knight Rider Board". Location was in the district of Bayreuth and the previous owner had already started to make exterior modifications. So it already had a 4th season front (later replaced by a nicer 3rd season front), US mirrors and D80 rear spoiler.
  • Externally, the car was in rather poor condition, but I didn't care, since most parts (e.g. fenders, hood, rear bumper) had to be replaced anyway and a repaint was also unavoidable. Helpful was nevertheless that it was otherwise already black.
  • The red interior was also rather secondary. Also for this an exchange against a TAN colored interior was planned... more importantly was to me that the car had a manual gear shifter, since I wanted to have no automatic and it was also not planned to create a 100% original replica at that time. More about this in my FAQ.
  • More details about the condition of the vehicle can be found in the section "The Donor Car"

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