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This is a list of all interior-components, that I needed to build K.I.T.T. out of a 1988 Pontiac Firebird:
Interior Tan interior
My car originally used to have red interior, which looked OK, but was not really K.I.T.T.-like. So I bought a complete interior in tan - the same color used on the show. I also bought completely new carpets from

» Photogallery about the tan interior
Interior PMD seats
The tan interior did not include the rare PMD seats, which were only produced from 1982-1984 as an option. I found an old set on for a good price and the seller was very helpful with the upholstery in tan-like cloth. They look brand-new now.

» Photogallery about the PMD seats
Interior Dashboard
I decided to get a 3rd/4th-season-dash with only one monitor, because I think the 1st/2nd-season-dash looks too oldfashioned in my eyes. I also prefer one big monitor over 2 small monitors. I got it from Knight Passions.

» Photogallery about the dashboard
Interior Dash electronics
I got my electronics from Jupiter Electronics in Canada. I decided to buy the new version with colored LEDs, because I don't like the white look, when the LEDs are off. The electronics contain all functions, the stock dash used to have plus a working voicebox and compass unit.

» Photogallery about the electronics
Interior Countdown Sequencer
The dash electronics do not include the countdown sequencer. I got it from Brian Thone. It is made of plastic.

» Photogallery about the Countdown Sequencer
Interior Dash overlays
I got the dash overlays by Eric Wang, fitting to the Jupiter Electronics. The set is made of hard plastic panels and looks and fits great!

» Photogallery about the overlays
Interior Monitor
Differently from the original K.I.T.T., my dash is equipped with a 10.4" TFT-display. A tube TV could make trouble at the German technical inspection which is necessary to drive on German streets - furthermore TFT-displays have a better picture quality. The display got a special TV frame to look like a oldfashioned TV - I got the frame from Knight Passions and the TFT panel from eBay.

» Photogallery about the monitor
Interior Steering wheel
The steering wheel is a "gullwing" that I purchased from Knight Passions. It only had to be painted.

» Photogallery about the gullwing
Interior Switchpod
The unit with the buttons for Turbo Boost & Co. comes from Wassim Razzouk from Jordan. The quality could be better, but it was quite cheap. I had to cut some depth, because in 99% of the time, I'm driving with a round steering wheel, which provides less space for the switchpod.

» Photogallery about the switchpod
Interior Overhead console
I got my overhead console from Knight Passions. We added illuminated buttons to it, but they are only dummys without any functions.

» Photogallery about the overhead console
Interior Lower console
My lower console is a little bit smaller than the original one, because I will keep my 1988 center console and only have room for a 12x15 cm console. I bought a housing from Conrad Electronics and added 16 illuminated pushbuttons, 2 buttons for the power windows and a control-unit for the scannerbar to it.

» Photogallery about the lower console
Interior Car-PC
First, I wanted to put an old notebook into my trunk, but then I decided to get a Mini-ITX-PC, which is designed for use in cars.

» Photogallery and component details
Interieur Comlink
I own several "Comlinks". One is a replica by Mark Puette - reproduced in facsimile. The others are modern smartwatches with self-created Comlink screens and K.I.T.T.'s German voice.

» Photogallery about the Comlinks
Interior Speaking software
The software is a combination of "Dragon Naturally Speaking 8" and a software written by Chris Groeling from It reacts on spoken sentences and answers with the proper lines from K.I.T.T. in German with the original voice of K.I.T.T. (Gottfried Kramer). The lines were recorded from the TV show.

» Demovideo (WMV 6.14 MB)

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