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  • Made of fiberglass
  • Manufacturer: Wassim Razzouk, Jordan
  • Flat LEDs from Reichelt.de
MP3 module
  • When pressing the buttons of the switchpod, various K.I.T.T. audio files are to be played directly.
  • For this purpose I already bought an MP3 module in 2009, where up to 50 individual tracks can be called up directly at the push of a button.
  • However, I never installed the module, because I could always let K.I.T.T. talk with an external MP3 player in the trunk at events and so for a long time there was no real need to solder all the individual wires. So it was forgotten and I lacked the motivation to install it.
  • Technical data:
    • 512 MB integrated flash-memory
    • 14 LED outputs
    • Audio via 3,5 mm output
    • USB-connection for title update

  • In summer 2020 I started the project again. For this purpose I bought a new MP3 module, which can only play 10 sounds at the push of a button, but offers the possibility to assign a single sound plus a playlist to each button. So every button can be used twice.
  • Furthermore, it offers more functions and not every contact has to be soldered, but a plug with a ribbon cable can be plugged in.
  • Since there are only 10 button inputs, only the right switchpod is connected, because when the window is open at events, people like to test the buttons on the left switchpod. In addition, 2 buttons in the center console are connected (voice output continuous loop, music continuous loop)
  • Technical data:
    • Memory via Micro-SD card
    • Audio output via 8-Ohm speaker or AF contact for headphone jack
    • Button assignment with single sounds (short press) or any playlist (long press) - this allows double assignment of the buttons

  • In the fall of 2021, I got myself another new MP3 module, because the previous one did not work as I imagined and I also liked to have a slightly larger module, where the cables can be connected more easily. With 11x6,5 cm size it is easier to handle than with 5x2 cm. The cables for the buttons are easy to screw in.
  • The module offers 20 inputs and a 12V connection, so it should be easier to connect in the vehicle.
  • Technical data:
    • Memory via Micro-SD card or USB flash drive
    • Audio output via 8-ohm speakers (headphone jack)
    • Button assignment with 20 individual sounds
Installation in the car

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