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2023-04-24 - Remote control for the MP3 module
  • Now that the MP3 module finally works, I wanted to add a remote control. I had already realized something like this in 2009 via Windows Mobile app, but for this the car PC always had to be running, a W-LAN had to be running on the PC and the range still fluctuated quite strongly, so that I never used it in the end.
  • Thanks to the MP3 module, a relay board with remote control was now sufficient, which could simply be installed parallel to the buttons in the car. The remote control has 8 buttons and can thus activate the most important sound folders, from each of which several sounds are played randomly. The remote control has a range of up to 200 meters.
  • The most important topics can be covered via 8 keys:
    1. Welcoming
    2. Introduction (3 different sound files)
    3. Grumbling (19 different sound files)
    4. Goodbye (3 different sound files)
    5. Fanfare
    6. Turbine/Scanner (3 different sound files: Turbine alone, Scanner alone, both together)
    7. All sound files (170 different sound files)
    8. Aborting the current playback
    Which sound file is played within a theme is determined randomly 🙂

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