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Welcome to

This website is about my replica of K.I.T.T. from the TV series "Knight Rider" with David Hasselhoff. You will find information about the parts I've used to build it and a complete documentation about the building process with many photos and videos. - a child's dream coming true...

Andreas Winkler
aka GrandmasterA

2021-10-15-17 Season Final Meeting 2021
From 15-17 October 2021 our season final meeting took place. Jan from near Northeim invited to his home again. Since 2020 and 2021 were not very busy, I decided not to miss the meeting this year... We met with 5 K.I.T.T.s and a Knight 3000 replica.

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2021-09-02 New site at Instagram!
After a longer break, is now active on Instagram again! Follow our new account and don't miss any updates!

2021-08-20 Street Mag Show 2021
On 21st August 2021 our group went to the Street Mag Show in Hannover again, however, I had a private appointment this year on this day and therefore I could not participate. But since we always spend the evening before in a cozy round with delicious burgers from the grill in the hotel of Future Knights parents, I participated at least there - with 5 K.I.T.T.s, 1 Mustang and 2 Teslas.

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2021-08-15 Paint treatment
K.I.T.T. new paintjob was already more than 14 years ago, so it was time to have the paint professionally reconditioned. My buddy Kevin has offered me for years to take over the job, so I left the car at his garage during my vacation for a complete paint refurbishment.

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2021-02-01 My Videos
From now on, there is an overview of my YouTube videos with current data such as number of views and number of comments, which updates automatically.

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2021-01-06 Knight Rider on Blu-Ray from Turbine Medien
Well, the upcoming "Knight Rider" Blu-Ray edition from Turbine is definitely going to be REALLY fat! Here's an EXCLUSIVE first blurry look at the complete set with all the supplements!
Follow my FB page and be the first to get all the info first hand soon!

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» Infos about the upcoming Blu-Ray
2020-09-30 New headlight motors and new technical checkup
Today, K.I.T.T. received new headlight motors, because the headlights didn't open and close properly anymore. Afterwards, he passed the German vehicle technical inspection with no complaints.

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2020-09-22 My K.I.T.T. and the statues of KIKA
Some time ago I took photos of all 11 KIKA figures that were set up in Erfurt city centre. Yesterday Mr. Fox and Mrs. Magpie from the Sandmännchen have been installed at the Theater square... Of course, I had to take a photo with K.I.T.T.

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2020-08-22 My K.I.T.T. at Comicpark 2020
On 22nd August 2020, I joined the ComicPark in my hometown Erfurt again. This time, there also were the Avengers Live, The German Jack and the Transformers from AJ-Designs!

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2020-08-10 New MP3 module for switchpod
The individual buttons of the switchpod electronics are to be assigned different K.I.T.T. sentences so that the car can speak quickly and easily. For this I had already bought an MP3 module in 2009, but I never installed it. Now I got myself a new module with more functions, which shall finally be installed.

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2020-06-30 Photo magic
I held some photos in front of K.I.T.T. - you won't believe, what happened next! ;)

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2020-06-17 Screenshots from "Cup of Joe" with David Hasselhoff and Joe Jonas
I just made some screenshots from "Cup of Joe" with David Hasselhoff and Joe Jonas, where you can see my K.I.T.T.

» 20 screenshots from the show
2020-05-29 Underbody and cavities sealed
Already 4 years ago the TÜV pointed out to me that sooner or later K.I.T.T.'s underbody and cavities should be sealed, so that's what we did now. During the work it turned out that there was also a lot of work in the wheel housings. Some of the metal sheets had to be re-welded. But now the car is also "in good shape" underneath.

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2020-05-29 Hood and front nose repainted
During the shooting for "Cup of Joe" in February in Berlin, an umbrella landed on the hood of K.I.T.T. during a shooting break because of strong wind. The result were 3 deep scratches in the front nose and the hood of the car, which were unfortunately so deep that the front and hood had to be completely repainted.

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2020-04-27 "Cup of Joe" with David Hasselhoff and Joe Jonas
Today starts "Cup of Joe" with Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, David Hasselhoff and my K.I.T.T. in Berlin at Quibi.

» Trailer & photos from the shooting

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