My K.I.T.T. at the TV show "Duell der Jahrzehnte" (RTL)

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Photos from recording day
  • On 15th and 16th July 2015, I was guest for the recording of a new German TV show called "Duell der Jahrzehnte" (duell of the decades) with German host Oliver Geissen. There are two celebrity teams playing against each other, representing a decade.
  • Team 80's: Thomas Anders (singer of "Modern Talking"), Ingolf Lück (host of "Formel 1"), Jürgen Hingsen (Olympic sportsman) and Beatrice Richter (actress, "Sketchup")
  • Team 90's: Verona Pooth (host of "Peep!"), Arabella Kiesbauer (host of "Arabella"), Kai Ebel (sports host) und Nilz Bokelberg (host at German music television VIVA)
  • Music guests: Markus ("Ich geb' Gas, ich will Spaß") and Lou Bega ("Mambo No. 5")
  • The rehearsals revealed that Lou Bega is a huge fan of K.I.T.T., wanting to sit in the car and taking pictures even before the rehearsals got started and also at the end of the show recording. Also the other celebrities were quite interested in the car.
  • The show aired at German channel RTL on July 31st 2015 at 8:15 PM CET with 2.68 Mio. viewers (18% market share)
Screenshots from the show

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