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2023-05-20 - Remote control for the scanner
  • Now that the MP3 module finally works via remote control, the scanner should of course also finally be able to be switched on and off again via remote control. My old halogen scanner had this function. The LED scanner, which I had installed in 2009, could only be controlled via the remote control (switching between different modes, controlling the speed), but not switched on and off.
  • At that time, I wanted to put this function on the trunk button of my door remote control and had already procured a relay for it. However, we had never implemented this.
  • Now I got myself a simple, cheap remote control module, which was quite easy to connect. This now works perfectly.
  • With this, the last open items on my to-do list would be done, so that my conversion is now actually "finished". At least I don't have any further functions or conversions planned at the moment.

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