Building my K.I.T.T.

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2021-08-15 - Paint treatment
  • K.I.T.T. new paintjob was already more than 14 years ago, so it was time to have the paint professionally reconditioned. My buddy Kevin has offered me for years to take over the job, so I left the car at his garage during my vacation for a complete paint refurbishment.
  • For this, the paint was completely "kneaded" to remove any traces after a first hand wash. Then it was processed with a rotary polishing machine with abrasive polish and microfiber pad. Then again with an eccentric machine and high gloss polish. Then the paint was sealed and now also has a lotus effect, which makes water roll off.
  • The result is impressive. The paint now has no more "holograms", which were previously visible in the sunlight due to the polishes after the paint jobs. In fact, it therefore currently looks even better than directly after painting...

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