My K.I.T.T. in Osaka Rising music video

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  • On 18th June 2023, the filming of the music video "Back in Time" by the Erfurt rock band Osaka Rising took place.
  • The guys had asked me in advance if I would provide my car for the shooting - since they also are from my hometown Erfurt, I agreed 🙂
  • The plot centers around an old organ that is to be removed with the help of K.I.T.T.
Screenshots from the music video
  • In the video, Stephan searches the classifieds for an old electric organ and finds one from a certain "Doc Brown".
  • The organ is delivered quickly, but somehow plays strangely and develops a disturbing life of its own, so the boys decide to get rid of it again.
  • Tom has an idea. He makes a phone call and appears shortly afterwards with K.I.T.T. to transport the organ away...
  • Finally, the boys take the organ with K.I.T.T. to a remote location where they drop the organ from a great height, causing it to shatter into 1000 pieces.
  • When they investigate the remains of "Doc Brown's" old organ, time jumps and the boys are back where they started...
Photos from the shooting

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