ComicPark Erfurt 2022

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ComicPark Erfurt 2022
  • On 7th & 8th May 2022, the ComicPark was held again in the beautiful EGApark in my hometown of Erfurt. Although the weather was excellent this time on both days, a participation on Saturday should be enough for me this year.
  • Also this year K.I.T.T. was not the only sight. Alex from was on site with his DeLorean Time Machine and Jurassic Park Jeep. Also, the guys and gals from AJ-Designs from Nuremberg were back again with their two Transformers "Wheeljack" and "Arcee". The costumes are absolutely impressive!
  • In addition, the Avengers Live with Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Hulk as well as the Ghostbusters German Division and the Star Wars Fans Hannover came again. And also Björn Kuhlow aka "The German Jack" as Captain Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" were here.
  • K.I.T.T. stood this year again directly behind the main entrance (this time on the right side), so that it could be seen by all visitors of the EGApark.
  • The merchant booths from the halls were moved outside again this year, so there was a "street" with the corresponding booths. In addition, the ComicPark offered another hall with comic artists, various workshops and walking acts and, as always, an entertainment program on the park stage.

  • At 09:00 AM the park opened and the first visitors came in. The rush to the box office was enormous and also overwhelmed the organizers. A long queue formed there until early afternoon. In total, about 5,000 visitors came.
  • Many visitors came in elaborately designed cosplays. Due to the great location with Japanese garden, there were many Manga characters, but also other well-known characters from film and television.

  • Around 1:00 PM my family, relatives plus some friends came by. They also see K.I.T.T. only from time to time and were happy to be able to take photos at the wheel.
  • Also the Transformers from AJ Designs were now running around in their impressive costumes, so we could take nice photos again. The figures are always an absolute highlight.

  • I also met again some familiar faces. Dajana Fotodesign was here this time as Max from "2 Broke Girls". I also met Holger from Zwickau, with whom I have been in contact via Facebook for quite some time. He came with his family especially because of K.I.T.T., as well as some others. Because of the many conversations I didn't take so many photos with the numerous cosplayers this time. Maybe next time I will have to participate on both days again ;)

  • In the late afternoon, a camera team from MDR Thüringen Journal came by and shot various footage with K.I.T.T., which was to open the feature about ComicPark in today's 7:00 PM edition:

  • Towards evening I took the opportunity to take some photos in Alex's great DeLorean Time Machine myself. Being the webmaster of the biggest German fansite for "Back to the Future" ( I'm not completely averse to the topic ;)
  • And also my complete family took pictures with DeLorean and K.I.T.T. again, which led to the fact that also many other children were allowed to take a seat at the wheel...

  • At the end of the day, I took a few photos of the DeLorean and K.I.T.T. side by side.
  • As always, ComicPark was a great event in a great location. The fact that the weather cooperated so well in May is also not a matter of course. We will be happy to come again.

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