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Project-K.I.T.T. e.V. at "Abenteuer Leben" on Kabel 1

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Photos from the shooting
  • At the beginning of 2018 I had a request from German TV channel Kabel 1 for a report about someone building a K.I.T.T. Since mine was already finished, I forwarded it to my buddy Tobi from our Project-K.I.T.T. e.V.
  • The camera team spent several days shooting with Tobi and his project over a period of 1.5 years. Among other things they accompanied him to a meeting at the Street Mag Show Hannover, where I and 5 other KITTs were also present.
  • Furthermore, they documented that it's not so easy to fulfil your childhood dream.

Screenshots aus der Sendung
  • The 29 minute report aired on 15th March 2020 at 10:00 PM at "Abenteuer Leben" on Kabel 1 with 660,000 viewers (3.1% marked share)
  • First Tobi was visited in his workshop, where he assembled the interior parts, the front and the scanner after painting the vehicle.

  • The camera team also visited Tobi at home and showed his research on the internet.

  • Tobi got support for the dashboard from Jan and Stephen from the Project-K.I.T.T. e.V., who also have K.I.T.T.s themselves and have already mounted dashboards several times.
  • Since Jan also owns an A-Team-Van, the two were presented as Murdoch and Faceman in proper style ;)

  • Back to July 2018, when Tobi and his K.I.T.T. visited our meeting at the Street Mag Show in Hannover
  • Here I was also present with my K.I.T.T., so that I could be seen from time to time and was also briefly interviewed. In Hannover Tobi took a seat in my car and we took a look at the different dashboards in seasons 1-2 and seasons 3-4

  • Back in Tobi's workshop: Jan and Stephen help assembling the dashboard. Since they can't finish it, Tobi finally visits Jan in Northeim, where Jan finishes the dash overnight so that it can be installed in Tobi's car the next day.

  • Back at home with Tobi: Assembly of the switchpod and the gullwing. Finally Tobis K.I.T.T. is finished!
  • All in all it took him over 5 years and he experienced numerous setbacks including several engine failures!


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