"Back To The Future" fan meeting 2007

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"Back To The Future" fan meeting 2007
  • Besides my replica-project, I'm also a huge fan of the "Back to the Future"-trilogy and the webmaster of the largest German fansite for the films, www.ZidZ.com
  • This fansite contains a community of more than 5800 members. Since 2003, we organize small annual fan meetings to give the possibility for fans, who know each other from the forums and chat, to meet in real life. There we always have some DeLoreans, which were used as time machine within the trilogy.
  • This year, our meeting was held on September 1st 2007 in Mainz and of course, I took K.I.T.T. with me. So we made a lot of beautiful pictures and I want to present some of them in the following gallery.
  • More pictures from our fan meeting can be found at www.ZidZ.com/treffen_2007.php

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