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KnightCon 2004

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KnightCon 2004
  • From 20th to 22nd August 2004 the first small Knight Rider Convention took place at the Warner Bros. Movie World in Bottrop-Kirchhellen!
  • I myself was already a member of the Knight-Rider-Board at that time, where the meeting was organized by some fans, so that I became aware of the event. Even some star guests, exhibits and of course some K.I.T.T. replicas were to be exhibited - at a time when there were only a handful of exterior replicas in Germany.
  • The Con was the idea of David Hasselhoff himself, who had said in a conversation with one of the organizers that he would come if she built it up "the big way". Unfortunately he shone in the end by being absent, because he was playing theatre in London at the same time. He only sent a video message to the organizers (at that time still as tape by express mail!)
  • Other actors who had been asked to participate in the event didn't accept either, and designer Michael Scheffe only sent numerous pictures of his designs for the exhibition. However, Don Peake and Stu Philipps, who created the soundtrack for "Knight Rider", were there. Also present was the German KR book author who gave a reading from his book.
  • I myself took part only on Saturday as a visitor, but didn't really pay attention to the star guests at that time, but mainly wanted to see a K.I.T.T.-replica and visit the Movie-Park together with some friends from our ZIDZ.COMmunity. From the organizers there was also a voucher with which you could visit the park for 13,95 Euros instead of 24 Euros.
  • There were 3 different K.I.T.T. replicas on display: At the entrance stood the complete replica of Joćo da Encarnaēćo (Knight Passions from Holland). In the park they had the exterior replica by the Replica-Team Oberahr and a black Pontiac Firebird on display. And in the show parade Chris Groeling's ( exterior replica was part of the show, who also had a short performance in the stunt show of the Movie Park.
  • In the Con building there was also a small exhibition about "Knight Rider". There were also electronic parts from the Knights of England.
  • At that time I had no idea that this visit would lead me to this hobby myself. But in the end the replica of Joćo and the exhibited electronic parts made me want to own such a replica myself ;)


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