"Steet Mag Show" meeting 2021

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"Street Mag Show" meeting 2021
  • The "Street Mag Show" in Hanover is one of the biggest US car meetings in Germany. Every year in summer US car drivers and fans meet at the Schützenplatz in Hannover. On 21st August 2021 our group went there again, however, I had a private appointment this year on this day and therefore I could not participate.
  • But since we always spend the evening before in a cozy round with delicious burgers from the grill in the hotel of Future Knights parents, I participated at least there to meet my friends after the Covid-19-related forced break 2020. There we met with 5 K.I.T.T.s, Future Knights Mustang and 2 Teslas.
  • On the way there I met with Jan from Northeim to drive the remaining distance together with him. At his home, I took a few photos with his beautiful Herbie replica, before we continued to Hamelin, where we met with Stephen and his K.I.T.T. for the remaining distance.
  • Saturday morning, I started my way back home around 5 o'clock...

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