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"Steet Mag Show"-Meeting 2015

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"Steet Mag Show"-Meeting 2015
  • The "Street Mag Show" in Hannover is one of Germany's biggest U.S. Car Meetings. On July, 25th 2015, K.I.T.T. was a part of it again. This time he was not alone, too: We finally got 5 replicas there plus a replica of the Knight 3000.
  • For the first time in my 6 years of partizipation, it occasionally rained on Saturday, so there were less visitors as we're used to. So we went there again on Sunday, when the weather was much better.
  • Also new: well known show stage host Hans Otto Meyer-Spelbrink was replaced by German TV host Helge Thomsen, who seemed to be much more interested in the cars. Also, the team was prepared: When K.I.T.T. entered the stage, they played the theme of "Knight Rider". Well done!


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