PKeV meeting Moers 2015

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PKeV meeting Moers 2015
  • The members of the Project-KITT e.V. meet each other several times a year. After the season opening 2014 was cancelled, the meeting 2015 was held on 18th April in Moers again. This time, there were 12 K.I.T.T. replicas.
  • We met at a car cleaning station and went to Café del Sol in Moers, where they took some pictures.
  • After lunch, we went to Duisburg to attend the "Meet Greet Eat" US car meeting at KFZ-Frost again. Visitors were able to see the cars and some of them also were able to sit behind the wheel for a moment.
  • Back in Moers we went to an restaurant, where we spent the rest of the evening.

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