Meeting David Hasselhoff at "Celebrate the 80's & 90's with the Hoff!"

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Meeting David Hasselhoff at "Celebrate the 80's & 90's with the Hoff!"
  • Almost 4 years ago, David Hasselhoff drove my K.I.T.T. in the German TV show "ZDF Fernsehgarten". At that time, I was not there to meet him, because I spent my honeymoon in the United States. But who cares... There will be another chance some day... And there were many chances... without any results.
  • On 23rd May 2014, David was hosting the "Celebrate the 80's and 90's with The Hoff" concert tour at Nürburgring in Germany. They also wanted to present a K.I.T.T. there - the replica by Prodatron from our K.I.T.T. club. I asked Jörn, if I could join him and he accepeted, though he did not have any details about the event, yet.
  • The audience doors opened at 18:00. Jörn should be there at 17:00. We met at the hotel at 14:30 - together with Chris_Bandit and Michel from Holland - so we went there about 16:00. They brought us to the show area, where the big stage was ready for the show. The area was still empty, but the barriers for Jörn's replica were ready, so we started to present the car. Shortly after that, a black van came by and David Hasselhoff jumped out of it. As promised, his manager brought him to us :)
  • I ran to my car, to get my trunk cover and 2 photos that I wanted David to sign. When I came back, David just started to sign Jörn's trunk cover and posed for photos with Jörn and Christian at their replica. After that, David wanted to leave, so I took the chance to pass him and ask him to sign my trunk cover, too. And of course, I also got my photo taken with him. Well and then he jumped back into his van and went away...
  • Our meeting lasted about 3-4 minutes. I can't really remember, because we were quite surprised that he showed up... and we were happy, that we got everything, we had wanted: photos, autographs. Check! :D
  • I did not have my photos ready to get them signed, but a friend of the Hasselhoff fanclub managed to let him sign them backstage, so I got them back at the end of the show. Thanks a lot, Anja! :)
  • Also, the rest of the show was great! Twenty4Seven, DJ SASH, Samantha Fox, Rick Astley, Turbo B from Snap!, the Vengaboys and - my personal highlight - 2 Unlimited presented their biggest hits - intermitted by David, who also performed 7 songs ("Baywatch Theme", "We will rock you", "Jump in my Car", "A real good Feeling", "Do the Limbo Dance", "Crazy for you" and of course "Looking for Freedom"). The audience was great. We had a lot of fun!
  • There was only one other side of the coin: there was no security for K.I.T.T. - so some fans climed over the barrier. Maybe it was a bad idea to sell beer at the show area - so Jörn and Chris_Bandit left earlier and I was some kind of relieved that it was not my replica standing there.
  • At the end it was a great event - also besides David Hasselhoff! Thanks to Prodatron for taking me there!

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