"Steet Mag Show" meeting 2022

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"Street Mag Show" meeting 2022
  • The "Street Mag Show" in Hannover is one of the largest US car gatherings in Germany. Every summer, US car drivers and fans meet on the Schützenplatz in Hannover. On the 23.07.2022 we went there again with a total of 7 K.I.T.T.s
  • I started as usual on Friday afternoon and first drove by Jan in Northeim, which is on my way anyway. From there we continued the journey already with 3 replicas...

  • As always, Future Knight from near Hameln had invited us. In the guesthouse of his parents we spent the Friday evening together with delicious burgers from the grill and nice conversations.

  • Saturday morning began as usual with a hearty breakfast before we set off towards Hannover at around 11:00 AM.

  • A first stop was made at a car wash to clean up the vehicles once again. After that, we continued in convoy to Hannover, where the Street Mag Show took place on the Schützenplatz.

  • At the Schützenplatz we were first with 4 K.I.T.T.s. - Due to scheduling reasons, Mirko from Hildesheim was this year only in the morning on site and had to leave again shortly after we arrived. Instead, Timo from Ense joined us for the first time this year with his Black Knight Rider. In addition, we met Mark Laybourn with his K.A.R.R. replica (without silver paint), which later also joined us, so that we could finally put 6 black replicas next to each other.

  • There were also many other great vehicles to marvel at. Besides the DeLorean Club Germany, there was also a Jurassic Park Jeep, a beautiful 1982 Black/Gold TransAm (the perfect base vehicle for K.I.T.T.) and a blue truck, which could have been used to build a SEMI...

  • We were also joined by a 2nd Gen Firebird towards the end of the day, before taking our K.I.T.T. column out for a few more laps of the grounds for the finale.
  • Since we didn't go to the guesthouse again today (Future Knight only had time on Friday this time), we were able to stay a little longer and didn't start back towards home until around 9:00 PM.

  • Shortly after midnight I reached my Erfurt garage again.
  • As always, it was an excellent meeting with perfect weather. Many thanks to all who attended and especially to Future Knight and his parents for the excellent hospitality and accommodations.

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