Knight 2000 meets Knight 3000

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Knight 2000 meets Knight 3000
  • In March 2010, I took my car to Munich for a TV shooting. Unfortunately, the shooting has been cancelled last minute, but since I've already been to Munich, I used the time to meet with Christian Kastenberger and his replica of the Knight 3000 to make some pictures of the old and the new K.I.T.T.
  • Additionally, Elmar A. Schulte, author of German fan book "Das Knight Rider Buch" joined our meeting.

  • Two strange cars on a hill. Some guys removing the license plates. What could be going on there? What to do now, being a good citizen? Right - calling the police to take a look, what's going on.
  • So we finally can answer the question "How does the police react on your car?" - Well, they are happy and start making pictures... at least in the most optimum way...

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