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2006-10-06 "KNIGHT"-licenseplate
Today, I got my very good looking "KNIGHT"-licenseplate including "May 1982" registration stickers. I bought it at just 5 days ago. It is made of stamped metal.

» more information in the "Exterior"-section
2006-10-05 K.I.T.T. registered for Germany
Today, I registered the car for Germany. Now I'm allowed to drive it legally on streets. Unfortunately, I only registered it for May to October, so there are only 26 days left this year.
2006-09-26 Dashboard and new Gullwing
Chris Groeling ( fetched his Dashboard from Knight Passions in the Netherlands today. He also brought my Dashboard and my new Gullwing-steeringwheel. I'm going to get both in late autumn.

» more information in the "Interior"-section
2006-09-12 Rearbumper
In addition to the cowl induction hood, I just got the matching rearbumper from a 1984 Trans Am for my Firebird. The condition is quite bad and it also has a lot of holes from the former spoiler, but the price was OK, and I hope a paint shop will do the rest.

» more information in the "Exterior"-section
2006-09-09 Scanner blackout
In Germany there must not be a red light in front of a car. So there are some problems with the scannerlight. It must not be able to be switched on, when the car is driving and it must not reflect light in red color. So we adjusted a black laquered lense in front of the scannerbar. Now it looks black, when the scannerlight is off.

» 3 images, 1 video
2006-09-03 Cowl Induction Hood
With some kind of incredible luck, I got my hands on an offer for an original Cowl Induction Hood, which is extremly hard to find here in Germany. Today, I fetched the hood in Dresden. Of course, it still needs some work and a new paint-job, but the price was incredibly low.

» more information in the "Exterior"-section
2006-08-29 License Plate registered + Alarm system arrived
Today, I registered my new licence plate. Unfortunately, there is no way to get a name on a licence plate in Germany, since we have the city (EF for Erfurt) and 1 or 2 letters and 1, 2 or 3 numbers here. So I registered EF-KI 77, which looks a little like "KITT". Additionally, I got my new stealth protection alarm system for the car, which also has a remote control for the locking system.
2006-08-19 Scanner adjusted
This weekend we finally adjusted the scannerbar into K.I.T.T.'s front. Additionally all front lights are functional now.

» 6 images, 2 videos
2006-08-12/13 First changes on K.I.T.T.
This weekend we started with the first changes: the front lights have a new position and contain turning signals now. Additionally, K.I.T.T. got his new taillights and a new license plate adjustment!

» 12 images
2006-08-06 I bought the car!
Much earlier than originally planned: I finally bought the car! It is a partly-finished replica - made of an 1988 Firebird!

» more information in the "Donor car"-section
2006-07-15 Taillights
Today I got my black taillights. I bought them on eBay.

» more information in the "Exterior"-section
2006-07-11 Dash overlays
Today I got the Dash Overlays from Eric Wang, fitting the Dash Electronics from Jupiter Electronics.

» more information in the "Interior"-section
2006-05-19 Dash electronics ordered
Today I ordered the Dash electronics from Jupiter Electronics in Canada. The delivery will take some months. I'll post some pictures as soon as the set arrives.
2005-05-10 Scannerbar arrived
Today I got my scannerbar from Lectric Enterprises.

» more information in the "Exterior"-section
2005-03-29 started
Today this website starts... but almost nobody will know, because I will not start telling people about it, until I have to present at least some first parts... otherwise there won't really be interesting contents.

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